A few words about us.

The Intraday Investment Group company provides trust capital management services at the Forex market, as well as the futures stock market. A team of experienced traders manages investments.

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Why should you choose us?

Large financial resources are necessary for successful work in financial markets. Only in this case can trade be effective. With the help of hedging and diversification of assets, risks typical in this kind of investment can be practically avoided. We possess these means. We combine our assets with those of our clients in order to obtain high and stable income.

Profitability and stability.

Intraday Investment Group is a professional team of traders. We do not guarantee super income. Each of our traders uses his own, unique trade strategy. Thus, even if several traders are unsuccessful on one day, other traders will compensate for the resulting decline. This structure allows us to guarantee profitability. Also, in circumstances of force major, we have a reserve of assets that is constantly renewed to correspond with the current state of the fund. These assets are not used in the financial markets. The reserve is kept in a bank at the highest degree of security. This reserve account is, of course, insured.

Availability and simplicity.

You will not need to open your own account with a broker. We use our own account for trading. Thus, it is all the same to us whether you invest $10 or $10,000. In any case, your payment will be processed immediately and the money will reach our trade accounts in several hours. This is possible thanks to the internet and electronic payment systems. For this reason, we do not need to establish several investment plans or set terms of investment. You simply invest money and quickly begin receiving profit. The same applies to the extradition of assets. You may request your money at any moment and receive it within 24 hours.

A truly high level of protection.

We use the most advanced technology to protect your account from hackers such as virtual keyboard and single-use codes, not to mention protected SSL protocol.

Refer a friend.

You do not need to invest your own money to gain profit. Invite your friends and get 5% from each investment they make. You can get your own initial deposit in this way, and in the future you will receive profits from the investments of every investor that you introduced. To participate in this referral program simply open an account with us

Are you a trader?

If you are a trader and have successful short-term trade strategies at the Forex or futures markets, and if you can add up to 20% to your deposit in one month, you can join our team of traders. To make a decision about your acceptance into our team, we will need to examine your trade accounts (on real or demo-accounts) for no less than a month. Access to this account is necessary. Experience in real trade is appreciated. If our decision is affirmative, we will sign a contract with you and give you a real account to manage. The account will at first be small, but will gradually become larger. You will receive 30% and more from the profits you achieve.
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